Yoga and Birth

with Kewal K. Khalsa

Doula Services

During pregnancy and birth, proper support can be of vital importance and can greatly enhance your wellbeing as you make such huge life transitions. Numerous clinical studies show that the presence and support of a doula tends to:

A doula offers continuity of care based on the individual needs of the mother, partner, and circumstances, which may include physical (non-medical), emotional, and informational support, gentle touch, positioning, and comfort measures that nurture and care for the laboring mother in her process. more...

Prenatal Yoga

With yogic postures, movements, breathing, and meditation especially geared towards the needs of pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, create physical comfort and emotional balance, as well as prepare for labor. Benefits can include:

Meet other expectant moms and share the experience of growing together. These classes are cozy and welcoming for students of all levels of experience (though if you are new to yoga, the ideal time to begin is in your second trimester). more...